The City

Amsterdam Nightlife

After the quiet early evening hours, Amsterdam's streets and squares get again very busy at night.

Amsterdam nightlife streets and squares

Around Leidseplein you will find the famed cultural and music centers Paradiso, Melkweg and Stadsschouwburg that offer varied artistic program for both young and old including big-name bands. Also lots of cafes, some smaller theatres, restaurants, cinemas and a casino.

Another busy area of clubs, cafes and cinemas is Rembrandtplein. The square is surrounded by clubs and cafes always full of guests.

An important small street traditionally attracting theater crowd is Nes (parallel to Rokin). And nearby cafes attract lots of intellectuals.

The old area of the Jordaan is mostly frequented by the young people. It is easy to meet people and make new friends in its cafes and bars.

At the back of the Dam square, the whole area of town called Red Light District is always invaded by large groups of tourists walking in the streets and looking at the windows with girls in them. Nearby small restaurants and cafes are also full of people.

Amsterdam clubs

Amsterdam's reputation as a city to party in is well deserved, and there is a wide selection of nightclubs to keep anybody up well past their bedtime. The main areas for clubbing are Rembrantplein and Leidseplein, although there are clubs scattered throughout the city, including in and around the Red Light District and Spui.

Amsterdam coffeeshops

The soft drugs are available in coffeeshops for people who are over 18. Don't buy any drugs on the street. This is illegal, dangerous and, if caught by the police, the only trip you'll make is down to the police station.

There are plenty of coffeeshops around. Most of the coffeeshops are open till mid-night, some a bit longer.

Red Light District

The camera in a slash/circle sign behind many of the windows, along with the furious tapping on glass of the women themselves will inform you that taking a camera into the Walletjes, Amsterdam's red light district, is a serious breach of etiquette. One of the district's security crew may remind you - destroy your film; may even ask you to leave, or worse.

No cameras in red light distict! If you really need some pictures, there are some discrete shots in our gallery.

Amsterdam Restaurants

There are over 1000 restaurants in Amsterdam catering for the tastes, budgets and moods of every tourist.

Top quality restaurants and stylish bars as well as more traditional Amsterdam cafés. Whether it is for a quick bite or an extensive dinner, it's available in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Shopping

There are several Amsterdam shopping corridors in the city and each one has it's own charms and specialties.

Since many roads in the city center are closed to cars, shopping in Amsterdam is quite pleasant. You will still encounter busses, trams, taxis and bicycles though, so watch your step.